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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Sheriff's Department Retirees

Who do I contact regarding retirement badges?

Please email the RSO retirees administrator at RSOretirees@RiversideSheriff.org.

My ID card is faded, how do I get a replacement?

retiree badgeMake a request using the Retiree Update Form or contact Sheriff's Administration at 951-955-2400. Keep in mind that the old card will need to be collected before a replacement can be issued. Arrangements for out-of-state retirees will need to be made with Sheriff's Administration.

My ID card was lost or stolen. How do I get it replaced?

You will need to file a lost property report with your local law enforcement agency. If you live in Riverside County, you can submit an online Property Crime Report or you can call a Sheriff's non-emergency phone number to make a report.

Once a report number has been generated, you will need to request a new ID card through the Retiree Update Form or by calling Sheriff's Administration at 951-955-2400.

I'm from out-of–state and my Retired ID card has expired; how do I renew it?

Submit a request using the Retiree Update Form. For HR218 and CCW Retired ID cards please contact the CCW Unit at 951-486-2856 or 951-486-2816.

How do I update my Retired Sheriff ID card?

Submit a request using the Retiree Update Form. If the ID card has a CCW endorsement on it please contact the CCW Unit at: 951-486-2856 or 951-486-2816.

My plastic ID holder is broken, how do I get a new one?

Please email the RSO retirees administrator at RSOretirees@RiversideSheriff.org.

How do I schedule my yearly range qualification?

If you live in Riverside County, contact the Sheriff's CCW unit at 951-486-2856 to schedule a time. If you live outside of Riverside County or out of state, contact a shooting range in your county of residence. If you have any questions, please call the Riverside County Sheriff's CCW Unit for assistance.

How do I contact another retiree?

The Department cannot give out personal information for any current or former employee. To contact a current employee, Sheriff's Administration can only give out the general station phone number for where that person is assigned.

You can also join the Retired RCSD Yahoo group to stay in touch with other retirees.

Signing up with Yahoo once enables you to join as many groups as you wish. Please follow these instructions:

    1) Click here to sign up with Yahoo and fill out the fields marked with an asterisk (*).
    1) After you have joined, click here to go to the message board.
    3) Click the buton that says "join This Group" and follow the directions.  When filling out this form, please give your name and retirement year even though it does not ask for this information.

How can I view or obtain copies of documents from my background and/or personnel file?

Documents in a background file can only be obtained by chain of command approval, starting with the Sheriff's Admin Lieutenant at 951-955-2400 or by subpoena.

How do I get my email on the retiree email distributions?

Please email the RSO retirees administrator at RSOretirees@RiversideSheriff.org

Who can sign up to receive DMV Confidentiality of Home Address?

Only retired sworn personnel can receive DMV Confidentiality of Home Address for life; all other classifications will have their DMV Confidentiality terminated upon leaving the department but it may take up to 3 years to take effect in the DMV database. If you are requesting to receive a form in the mail, request it through the Retiree Update Form.

Who do I contact for benefits?

For benefit questions please call the Riverside County Benefit Information Line at 951-955-4981 or email them at benefits@rivco.org. Additional benefits information can be found at the Riverside Sheriffs' Association website.

What is the phone number for Riverside Sheriffs Association (RSA)?

The phone number to the RSA is 951-653-5152.

I'd like to volunteer, who should I call?

Volunteers are managed by Sheriff's station volunteer coordinators. Visit the Sheriff's Volunteer page to find the phone number for your station area.

How can I donate to the RSO museum?

You can send an email to info@riversidesheriffmuseum.org

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