What measures are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our jails?

Our Jails have undergone extensive measures to assist in helping reduce the spread of COVID-19.

For inmates, the following measures have been put in place at all 5 jail facilities:

  • All inmates are pre-screened prior to booking per the Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and are tested for COVID-19.  Inmates are subsequently housed at the hospital, placed in quarantine, observation, or housed according to their classification, per medical staff.
  • Staff monitor the movement of inmates who test positive and those who are symptomatic to determine possible exposure and address accordingly.
  • All inmate work crews receive temperature checks prior to working in the facility and around food.
  • Unlimited soap is provided to all inmates, free of charge.
  • A Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended cleaning solution is provided to inmates throughout the day and after every meal to sanitize inmate areas.
  • Incoming and outgoing inmate mail rests in paper bags prior to handling and processing.
  • All meals are served in disposable containers.
  • Inmate movement is restricted to only within each facility.
  • All inmates were issued cloth masks, which are to be worn at all times when outside of their cells.
  • Inmate programs were modified to provide for educational and rehabilitative services without staff contact.
  • The dayroom and common areas are sanitized with Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved cleansers. 
  • Inmates receive education on personal hygiene, hand washing, social distancing, and prevention of the spread of the coronavirus via the inmate dedicated channel, which is broadcasted on televisions within every dayroom. This broadcast is presented in both English and Spanish and is audible with a slide show presentation for visual and hearing-impaired inmates.
  • Arresting agencies do not enter the facilities when bringing arrestees to jail.
  • No non-law enforcement individuals come in contact with inmates.
  • The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office and Riverside County partners implemented video court, telehealth, and professional visits via electronic means.
  • Inmates have their temperature checked prior to being transported to court. If an inmate has an elevated temperature, the court is notified with the option of rescheduling or modifying the inmate’s court appearance.

For staff, the following measures have been put in place at all 5 jail facilities::

  • All staff have their temperature checked prior to entering the facility. Staff with an elevated temperature are not allowed into the facility.
  • All staff are issued N-95 masks and the mask must be worn throughout their shift.
  • Educational videos were shown demonstrating proper hand washing techniques, and the proper donning and doffing of personal protective gear.
  • A PowerPoint presentation, created by Riverside University Health System regarding jail preparedness and prevention, was shown to all staff assigned to the jails.
  • All staff were briefed on the California Occupational Safety and Health (CALOSHA) guide on preparing workplaces for COVID-19.
  • Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended cleaning solutions and cleaning supplies are placed in every work area and are replenished throughout the day.
  • Briefings were cancelled to comply with the state order to limit the number of individuals allowed to gather in one place.
  • Locker rooms and equipment are cleaned and disenfected routinely. Decontamination routes were established to ensure locker rooms were designated as “clean” locker rooms.
  • Pre-screening questions are posted at all entry points into the facilities.  If staff display flu-like symptoms, are otherwise ill, or answer “yes” to any pre-screening question, they are not allowed to enter the facility until further evaluation/guidance from the Department Designated Infection Control Officer (DICO).
  • Supervisors monitor their shifts throughout the day and identify staff members who may not feel well.  Staff are sent home if they do not feel well.

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