How do we obtain the Coroner's reports (Coroner's Packet)?

Requests for public record information about a decedent (Coroner's Packet) should be made in writing to the Coroner's Office. Send a letter that includes the following:

  1. Decedent's name, date of death and Coroner's file number (if known).
  2. Include the address where the reports are to be mailed.
  3. Include a cashier's check (no personal checks) or money order in the amount of $23 payable to Riverside County Coroner
  4. Send your request to:
    Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner
    800 S Redlands Avenue
    Perris, CA 92570

Reports will be mailed as soon as they are ready. Please call our office at 951-443-2300 with any questions.

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