How do I contact another retiree?

The Sheriff's Office cannot give out personal information for any current or former employee. To contact a current employee, Sheriff's Administration can only give out the general station phone number for where that person is assigned.

You can also join the Retired RCSD Yahoo group to stay in touch with other retirees.

Message Board

You must first join Yahoo Groups, which is free. Establish an ID and password, then go to the Retired Group (retiredrcsd) and request to join.

Signing up with Yahoo once enables you to join as many groups as you wish. Please follow these instructions:

1) Sign up with Yahoo and fill out the fields marked with an asterisk (*).
1) After you have joined, go to the message board.
3) Click the button that says "Join This Group" and follow the directions. When filling out this form, please give your name and retirement year even though it does not ask for this information.

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