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Emergency Response Team Academy

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    Tuition - $488.00

Full Description

The Emergency Response Team Academy provides entry-level training for personnel working within a jail facility which covers the various aspects, responsibilities, and procedures attributed the actions and functions of an emergency response team within a jail facility. This course will introduce the student to the operation and functionality of less lethal weapons, munitions and chemical agents. It will cover the importance of planning, team tactics, and case law and liabilities as it pertains to force. 

This course will also address the recognition, warning signs and treatment of a person experiencing excited delirium. The student will learn the proper communication techniques when handling violent mentally ill inmates and gain a working knowledge of the reporting and documentation procedures of a major disturbance. 

Day 1: Special Weapons & Munitions 
Day 2: Use of Force Options 
Day 3: Violent Confrontation with Mental Health Inmates 
Day 4: Chemical Agents 
Day 5: Emergency Response Team (ERT) Tactical Scenarios, Cell Extractions, Tactical Scenarios 

The Dress Attire for this course will still adhere to the BCTC Dress Code but all attendees are encouraged to wear department BDUs due to the nature of the course 

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Make checks and money orders payable to:
Riverside County Sheriff / Ben Clark Training Center
Attn: Ben Clark Training Center Course Fees Accounting and Finance
16791 Davis Avenue
Riverside, CA 92518

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