Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force (RCAHT)

The Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking (RCAHT) Task Force seeks to disrupt and dismantle sex trafficking organizations and individuals operating within Riverside County. RCAHT is an enhanced collaborative multidisciplinary task force designed to combat all forms of human trafficking, including sex and labor trafficking of both foreign nationals and U.S. citizens (of all sexes and ages) within Riverside County. RCAHT utilizes a victim-centered and trauma-informed approach to:

  • Identify and rescue victims of human trafficking
  • Proactively investigate and prosecute sex trafficking and labor trafficking cases at the local, state, tribal, and federal levels,
  • Address the individualized needs of victims through a quality of coordinated services (i.e., medical care, mental health care, case management, crisis intervention, financial assistance, housing, legal representation, etc.) tailored to the characteristics and circumstances of the survivor,
  • Promote public awareness through marketing, trainings, and understanding of the nature and scope of human trafficking,
  • Train local law enforcement on investigation and detection,
  • Develop a safety net of community resources to educate, prevent, intervene, and treat survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.


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