The Cold Case Unit


The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, allied law enforcement agencies, and the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office have aggressively and cooperatively pursued the investigation of unsolved homicides for many years. Advancements in DNA technology and other forensic investigative tools have enabled law enforcement agencies to reopen cases left dormant for years. The mission of the Riverside Region Cold Case Homicide Team (RCCHT) is to reduce the number of unsolved homicides in throughout Riverside County. This is accomplished through the review, classification, and identification of new evidence to solidify the closure of unsolved cases. Ultimately, RCCHT vigorously seeks justice for victims and their families of Riverside County by solving violent crimes whose investigative trails have long since grown cold.  Through the continuous investigative effort justice will be served by punishing those responsible for the most heinous crimes our community has known and by protecting our citizens against future crimes by arresting and prosecuting these identified perpetrators.

Unidentified Persons

Help us identified individuals who have been found deceased in Riverside County and have not been ID.

Homicide Tip Line

Help us solve cases we are currently investigating by providing information.