Major Crimes Bureau

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    Michael Bianco


Historic Mobile Crime Lab

The Major Crimes Bureau (MCB) is comprised of the Central Homicide Unit, Force Investigations Detail, Computer and Technology Crime High Tech Response Team, Crime Analysis Unit and the Forensics Unit. These units work cooperatively to investigate major crimes and incidents such as homicides, in-custody deaths, deputy involved shootings and technology-based crimes.

Major Crimes Bureau

The investigators assigned to these teams are tenured investigators with extensive training and experience in crime scene investigation, interview and interrogation as well as professional experience. The cases assigned to these investigators are reviewed extensively within the Sheriff's Office and most often presented to a jury.

The investigative teams are supported by crime analysts who provide statistical and investigative support. Crime Analysts utilize various data bases to research and glean information to aid an investigation. 

The Forensic Services Unit supports the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office and local, state and federal agencies providing expert crime scene forensic investigative assistance in the form of crime scene services, laboratory services, questioned document examination, and forensic photography.