Media Information Bureau

The Sheriff’s Office provides accurate and timely information to the public regarding law enforcement activities. To subscribe to our news alerts click here

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To contact a public information officer regarding breaking news and critical incidents a 24-hour pager is available (951-222-7536). For all other requests email or call 951-955-2400 during business hours.

Our Public Information Officers are:

  • Deirdre Vickers, Public Information Officer
  • Wenndy Brito-Gonzalez, Public Information Officer
  • Megan McDonald, Social Media Specialist
  • Juan Silva, IT System Business Analyst II
  • Scott Miller, Senior Public Information Specialist
  • Yvonne Varela, Senior Public Information Specialist
  • Paul Flores, Public Information Specialist
  • Amy Brazao Cartas, Senior Media Production Specialist
  • Monica Salib, Media Production Specialist

For all document, audio, and/or video requests please visit our California Public Records Request (CPRA) Portal.