Moreno Valley Station

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    Kenneth Reichle


  2. Moreno Valley Station

    Physical Address
    22850 Calle San Juan
    De Los Lagos
    Moreno Valley, CA 92552


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Moreno Valley Station

Communities Served by the Moreno Valley Station

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Moreno Valley entered into a contract for law enforcement services in 1985. The Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station conducts law enforcement, collision investigation and many other specialized services to its estimated 215,000 population. Deputies wear the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office Uniform and patrol cars are uniquely marked as being assigned to the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station. The Moreno Valley Unified School District and several unincorporated areas surrounding the Moreno Valley City Limits in addition to the Riverside University Health System (RUHS) Hospital are also served by the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station.

The city of Moreno Valley provides facilities within the city limits for the assigned personnel. The Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station is commanded by a Sheriff’s Captain who acts as the station commander and as a department head for the city.

  • Arnold Heights
  • Box Springs
  • March Joint Powers Authority
  • Moreno County
  • March Air Reserve Base
  • Moreno Valley (Contract City)
  • Reche Canyon
  • University City

Law Enforcement Services Provided by the Riverside Sheriff’s Office

City of Moreno Valley - Law Enforcement Services

The Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station has a direct line for reporting non-emergency incidents in the Moreno Valley area such as fireworks, large parties and loud music (see above).

By calling this staffed twenty-four (24) hour non-emergency number, our dispatchers can more effectively assign deputy sheriffs and keep the 911 system free for emergency calls.

Additional information can be found on the City of Moreno Valley website.

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