Media Information Bureau (MIB)

The Sheriff’s Department has an obligation to provide accurate and timely information to the public regarding law enforcement activities and the Media Information Bureau (MIB) accomplishes this by communicating with news, radio, and print media organizations. Laws established by the California Public Records Act (PDF) dictate the type of information that can be released, and all inquiries can be submitted here.

The Media Information Bureau is under the command of a Sheriff’s Lieutenant. Public Information Officers operate around the clock with a full-time deputy in western Riverside County and one full-time deputy assigned to eastern county operations. 

For media inquiries a 24-hour pager (951) 222-7536 is available for breaking news and critical incidents.

All other requests for information and/or interviews regarding news stories should be made through the Media Information Bureau.

Bureau Responsibilities

The Media Information Bureau has the responsibility of coordinating public relations duties, press conferences, award presentations, marketing campaigns, promoting events and activities that help keep the public informed.

Disaster or Emergency Communications

MIB is responsible for timely and accurate communications to the public through media outlets during emergencies or disasters. 

These communications can be in the form of:

  • Audio and video productions
  • Social media
  • News briefings
  • Press releases
  • VIP visits
  1. Recently Released Records
  2. California Public Records Act Request
  3. Complaint Process
  4. Community Briefing Videos
  5. Department Manual and Policies
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Public Records

Some language or content may be deemed offensive to some readers, viewer discretion is advised.                                                                                                                      Incidents involving the discharge of a firearm. Penal Code 832.7 (b)(1)(A)(i)

Incident in which the use of force resulted in a death, or in great bodily injury. Penal Code 832.7(b)(1)(A)(ii)

Record relating to sustained findings of sexual assault involving a member of the public. Penal Code 832.7(b)(1)(B)

Record relating to dishonesty related to reporting, investigation, or prosecution of a crime or directly related to misconduct, including, but not limited to, any sustained finding of perjury, false statements, filing false reports, destruction, falsifying, or concealing of evidence. Penal Code 832.7(b)(1)(C)