California State Fire Marshal

The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) supports the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) in its mission to protect life and property through the development and application of fire prevention engineering, enforcement and education.

Certification & Course Delivery - California Fire Service Training & Education System (CFSTES)

CFSTES is a system of course delivery and certification. CFSTES outlines certification “tracks” for both volunteer and career fire fighters. The system identifies a “core” of certification prerequisites such as experience requirements, completing a specific course of study, and passing appropriate certification examinations. The certification tracks range from Fire Fighter to Chief Officer. There are 49 classes, which make up the course study requirements in order to qualify for certification in eleven career tracks.

CFSTES is a self-supported program with all revenue coming from class registration/materials and position certification fees. This revenue:

  • Provides staff, office space, and equipment
  • Operates the bookstore
  • Funds advisory committee meetings and curriculum projects when possible

The majority of CFSTES classes are delivered throughout the state in conjunction with the California community college system. Fees generated from student enrollments offset the cost of delivering classes.

Fire Service Training & Education Program (FSTEP)

FSTEP is a program through which the OSFM assists local fire agencies in meeting specific training needs. There are 41 courses available through the FSTEP program ranging from live fire training to auto extrication. The OSFM coordinates delivery through the use of “approved” curricula and registered instructors.

The FSTEP series is designed to provide both volunteer and career fire fighters with hands-on training in fire fighting, extrication, rescue, vehicle and pump operations. Courses are delivered through registered instructors. Upon successful completion of each course, the instructor will issue a California State Fire Marshal’s certificate of completion.