California Board of Corrections - Standards & Training

California Board of Corrections


The Board of Corrections (BOC) works in partnership with city and county officials to develop and maintain standards for the construction and operation of local jails and juvenile detention facilities, and for the employment and training of local corrections and probation personnel. The BOC also:

  • Inspects local adult and juvenile detention facilities
  • Disburses training funds
  • Administers grant programs that respond to facility construction needs, juvenile crime and delinquency, and mentally ill offenders
  • Conducts special studies relative to the public safety of California’s communities

In carrying out these major responsibilities, the BOC and its staff work closely with county sheriffs, directors of corrections and chief probation officers, as well as other local officials and community-based service providers, to achieve continued improvement in the conditions of local detention facilities and the delivery of effective local corrections programs.


The BOC was established in 1944 as part of the reorganization of the state prison system. Statutes relating to the authority, programs and mandates of the BOC are contained in the California Penal and Welfare and Institutions Codes. Operating regulations are found in Title 15 of the California Code of Regulations, and physical plant regulations are contained in Title 24.

Meetings & Membership

The BOC is composed of 13 members, 10 are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by Senate and three are designated in statute. Appointed members represent specific elements of local juvenile and adult criminal justice systems and the general public. Statutory members are the Secretary of the Youth and Adult Correctional Agency, who serves as Chair of the BOC, and the directors of the Departments of Corrections and Youth Authority. The BOC meets bimonthly and all meetings are open to the public.

Standards & Training for Corrections Division

The Standards and Training for Corrections Division (STC) works in collaboration with local corrections agencies and public/private training providers in developing and administering programs designed to ensure the competence of local corrections professionals. Specific activities of the STC include:

  • Administering the Corrections Training Fund, which provides monies to local corrections agencies to help offset the cost of meeting selecting and training standards
  • Developing and updating standards which lead to the selection of qualified people for employment and maintenance of staff proficiency
  • Administering a seven-step selection criteria system that complies with federal and state guidelines
  • Administering a statewide training course certification process that includes a coordinated training delivery system
  • Monitoring participating departments for compliance with standards and assisting agencies in their efforts to remain in compliance
  • Providing technical assistance and support to local corrections departments and training providers