Basic Academy Modular Format

Modular Academy

The modular version of Basic Academy is designed to allow working adults an opportunity to train as a peace officer during evenings and alternating weekends. It is also the course series for those interested in becoming reserve deputy officers.

You will receive training to satisfy Basic Peace Officer instruction in as little as 13 months divided into three levels (modules). Modular III is the least expensive course and is the minimum requirement to become a Reserve Deputy. Note: Penal Code (PC) 832 Arrest, Search and Seizure, and PC 832 Firearms are included in the Modular training series.

Upon completion of the Level I Modular Academy, you will qualify as a pre-service applicant to any Law Enforcement agencies in the state of California.   

The Modular Academy satisfies the requirement to become a Reserve Deputy. 

Learn more about our Reserve Deputy Program.