Riverside County was created from portions of San Bernardino and San Diego Counties on May 9, 1893. In the early history of the County, the Sheriff’s Office was a one-person operation.

County Growth and Staffing

Today, the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for 7,300 square miles which extends over 200 miles in length and approximately 50 miles in width. This immense territory makes Riverside County the fourth largest county in the State of California. Vast changes have occurred since the County’s inception, growing from a population of 13,745 in 1893, to more than 2.4 million in 2019. This increase ranks Riverside County as fourth in population growth among California’s counties. With a staff of over 4,000 dedicated men and women, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office is now the second-largest Sheriff’s Office within the State of California.

Fred Swope 1893-1895

Fred Swope 1st Sheriff

William B. Johnson 1895-1899

W.B. Johnson 2nd Sheriff

P.M. Colburn 1899-1907

PM Coburn 3rd Sheriff

Frank P. Wilson 1907-1923

Frank Wilson 4th Sheriff

Sam B. Ryan 1923-1924

Sam Ryan 5th Sheriff

Clemens Sweeters 1924-1931

Clemens Sweeters 6th Sheriff

Carl F. Rayburn 1931-1952

Carl F. Rayburn 7th Sheriff

Joe Warren Rice 1952-1963

Joe Rice 8th Sheriff

Ben Clark 1963-1986

Bernard Clark 9th Sheriff

Cois M. Byrd 1986-1994

Cois Byrd 10th Sheriff

Larry D. Smith 1994-2002

Larry Smith 11th Sheriff

Bob Doyle 2002-2007

Bob Doyle 12th Sheriff

Stan Sniff 2007-2018

Stan Sniff 13th Sheriff