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Concealed Weapon (CCW) Permits

Except in extremely limited circumstances, you may not carry a concealed firearm on your person in public unless you have a valid concealed weapon (CCW) license issued in the State of California. California law does not recognize CCW licenses issued in other states. Licenses are granted by local law enforcement agencies:

  • The Riverside County Sheriff's Department grants concealed weapon permits to county residents or to residents of any of our contract cities where law enforcement services are provided through the Sheriff's Department.
  • If you live in a city within the County of Riverside where another agency is your police department (i.e., Corona PD, Riverside PD, Palm Springs PD, etc.), we request you first contact that police department about their application process. If they are not issuing licenses, please contact the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for a CCW application. Use the Stations link above for detailed information about agencies in Riverside County.

Laser Sights

Laser sights may now be used on firearms approved to be carried in a concealed status.

  • It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure the system is operable, correctly attached to the firearm, and properly adjusted for accuracy.
  • Standard (non-laser) sights must be used during qualifications.

The Good Cause Requirement

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that good cause exists for the issuance of a CCW permit. Good cause is defined as:

Convincing evidence of a clear and present danger to life, or of great bodily harm to the applicant, his/her spouse, or dependent child, which cannot be adequately dealt with by existing law enforcement resources, and which danger cannot be reasonably avoided by alternative measures, and which danger would be significantly mitigated by the applicant's carrying of a concealed firearm.

What You Will Need to Do

  1. Complete the CCW Application (pdf) and the DOJ Application (pdf) then contact the CCW Unit for an appointment to meet in person.
    Address: Call: Fax to:
    16791 Davis Avenue 951-486-2856 951-486-2985
    Riverside, CA  92518 951-486-2816  
  2. Call the Sheriff's CCW Unit to schedule an interview. The interview will determine your need and good cause for the issuance of a CCW permit. You must bring the following to your interview:
    • Completed CCW license application and CCW interview worksheet.
    • Copy of your birth certificate and/or naturalization papers.
    • Copy of your California driver’s license.
    • Copies of two of your most recent utility bills or any other sufficient proof of full-time residency within the County of Riverside as indicated on your application.
    • Three letters of character reference (originals). Letters must contain the writer’s name, address, and phone number where they can be reached during business hours. In the body of the letter the writer should state that he or she is aware the applicant is applying for a CCW permit with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Letters from family members or employers are not acceptable.
    • Copy of military discharge DD214 form, if applicable.
    • Two recent passport photos.
  3. If you are successful with your initial interview, you will be instructed to
    • Get fingerprinted
    • Qualify with your weapon(s)
    • Complete the state-mandated firearms safety course

Other requirements apply for business-related purposes.  Please review the CCW Application for details.

Safety Training Facilities

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department recognizes the following training facilities for your safety class and range qualification requirement. Training from any other facility will not be accepted.

Note:  All facilities are by appointment only

Clark Training Center 16791 Davis Avenue (951) 486-2856
Riverside, CA 92518 (951) 486-2816
Firearms Training Associates P.O. Box 554 (714) 701-9918
Yorba Linda, CA 92885-0554 (714) 777-9318 (Fax)
Street Safe Defense Firearms Training Program (Martinelli & Associates, Inc.) 27475 Ynez Road, Suite 716 (951) 719-1450
Temecula, CA 92591  
Security Training Experts P.O. Box 10537 (760) 773-5559
Palm Desert, CA 92255 (760) 773-5550 fax
Johnnie B. Wood, LLC. Security Training 44901 Golf Center Pkwy, Ste. 6 (760) 342-5127
Indio, CA 92201 (760) 625-7778
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