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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find my law enforcement agency?

Click the Stations button above for a comprehensive list of law enforcement agencies in Riverside County.

What do I do about loud music, noise or barking dogs?

Call the non-emergency dispatch number for your area for a deputy to be sent to the location.  All numbers for Riverside County are listed on the Who To Call page.

My car was stolen - who do I call?

If the car was stolen within the last 15 minutes call 911 emergency dispatch.  If it's been longer than 15 minutes you should call the non-emergency dispatch number for your area.

People are riding off-road vehicles on private property without permission. Who do I call?

The Sheriff's Department Off-Highway Vehicle (ROVE) team will investigate complains of illegal off-road activity.  You can't call the team directly because they are patrolling in some of the remotest areas of the county. 

Please contact the non-emergency dispatch number for your area to have a deputy sent to the area.  If a certain area is repeatedly used for illegal off-road activities, ROVE will be sent out to patrol the area.

You can also use the Report Illegal Off-Road Activity form to send a report to the ROVE team.

What should I do if I see a stray dog?

It depends on what the dog is doing.

If the dog is . . . Do this . . .
Causing a traffic hazard Call 911
Vicious or threatening Call 911
Running loose on street (no hazard) Call County Animal Control 951-358-7387


What are the operating hours for the Sheriff's Station's front counters?

Generally speaking, Sheriff's Station front counters are open to the public during normal business hours from 8 AM to 5 PM. You should call first to be sure of the station's operating hours. Please use the station lookup tool at the right Links to the right to find the agency you wish to contact.

Can I talk to an officer or detective at the front counter?

Officers and detectives are not assigned to the front counters. In cases of emergencies an officer will be dispatched to the location. It is highly recommended to make an appointment if you need to speak with a detective.

Can I make a report over the phone?

Sheriff's Dispatch handles non-emergency reports that are primarily for documentation purposes. Assault or other violent crime reports cannot be reported over the phone. These calls must be handled by deputies. Use the Who to Call link at the top of the page to find the dispatch number for your area. You may also come into any of the Sheriff's stations to file these types of reports.

Can I make a report using my computer?

Yes, you may use the Sheriff's online crime report form for non-emergency crimes.  Auto thefts cannot be reported using this form.

How do I file a complaint against the Sheriff's Department?

Please follow the instructions on our Complaint Procedure web page.

Who can get a copy of a report and how much does a report cost?

If you want to request a copy of a crime report you must contact the station or agency that processed the report.

Reports are public records, however, not all are subject to total release to the public. The Public Records Act allows for release of some information, but there are many exemptions from release. For example; reports involving juveniles may be released to custodial parents, however, there are exemptions that may not allow juvenile reports to be released without a Juvenile Petition signed by the presiding Juvenile Judge.

Involved parties (primarily victims) are authorized to receive a copy of a report. If the release of information may jeopardize your case it may not be released without authorization from the assigned detective. Most report requests are for insurance purposes and are subject to release to victims for that purpose.

The Sheriff's Department may redact (remove) confidential information prior to a release of a copy of a report. Prior to coming to the front counter to request a copy of a report, it is best if you contact the Records Bureau at (951) 955-2440 to make sure that the report has been received and is available for release.

Click the link below for Sheriff's Department reports fees.

View Sheriff-Coroner Schedule of Fees (pdf)

Please call the Records Bureau at 951-955-2440 to make sure a report or record is available.


Does the Sheriff's Department provide fingerprinting services to the public?

The Live Scan Fingerprint Index Opens in new window provides information on locations, fees, and hours of operation for fingerprinting services in your area.


My vehicle was towed - how do I find out where it is and how to get it back?

There is an administrative fee for the release of vehicles towed for parking violations, expired registration, safekeeping etc. The registered owner of the vehicle will need to come to the Sheriff's Department Front Counter to obtain a Vehicle Release Form to present to the storage yard.

The owner must have a valid driver's license or a person with them who does, and the vehicle registration must be current. In the event the registered owner cannot be present, the Sheriff's Department will accept a notarized letter authorizing a person designated in the notarized letter to claim the vehicle. In the event the owner is in jail, a signature from the Deputy or other official representative from the jail will be accepted provided there is a name and phone number for that individual provided so the Department can confirm it's authenticity.

Click the link below for Sheriff's Department vehicle impound cost recovery (VICR) and repo fees.

View Sheriff-Coroner Schedule of Fees (pdf)

Can I pay for a parking ticket on-line?

The pticket website (https://www.pticket.com/choose_agency.html) offers online ticket payment for some communities in Riverside county.

Is there a charge to have a Sheriff's Deputy appear as a witness in a court?

Yes, a fee is charged if a deputy is subpoenaed to appear in a civil or federal case.

Click the link below for Sheriff's Department deputy subpoena (civil and Federal) and travel mileage fees.

View Sheriff-Coroner Schedule of Fees (pdf)

What do I do if I want to evict somebody from a rental property?

Use the Court Services button above for information on evictions.

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