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Our Values

We, the members of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, fill a variety of difficult and demanding roles as we provide law enforcement and related services to our communities. We recognize that trust and support are not automatically granted, but must be earned.

To achieve and maintain superior service we proudly commit ourselves to exercise and display the following values:

Riverside Sheriff's DepartmentI. INTEGRITY
We are dedicated to honesty and integrity in all our actions and will uphold our ethical beliefs regardless of the consequences. Our actions must be above reproach. We will:

  • Promote and recognize ethical behavior and actions.
  • Demand honesty and loyalty.
  • Prevent abuse of the laws and violation of civil rights.
  • Report and confront employees who violate laws and the basic values of the organization.

We are dedicated and loyal to the citizens of our communities, our Department, and our co-workers. Above all, we will be loyal to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. We will:

  • Reward and recognize those who contribute to the development of more effective ways of providing the policing service.
  • Take all reasonable steps and precautions to protect both the employees' and the Department's interest in incidents that present either danger or civil exposure.

We will serve with honor and vitality. Our professionalism dictates critical self-appraisal and objective analysis, with a commitment to community betterment. We will maintain the position of honor entrusted to us by those we serve. We will:

  • Openly discuss both ethical and operational issues.
  • Promote an atmosphere that encourages reasonable risk-taking and recognizes that growth and learning may be spawned by honest mistakes.
  • Recognize that it is our duty to prevent, report, and investigate crimes, and to pursue, apprehend, and prosecute lawbreakers.
  • Require professional performance for all members of the Department.

We are mandated by law and public expectation to be leaders. We will lead by example and by adherence to our professional ethics and values. We will:

  • Listen to and promote suggestions emanating from all levels of the Department.
  • Review and react to individual performance based upon the totality of the circumstances surrounding a decision or action.
  • Publicly acknowledge and praise employees who excel at their jobs.


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