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Inmate Money

Money may be deposited into an inmate's account. Inmates may use the money to purchase snacks, hygiene items, phone cards, and writing materials. Inmates may also use the money for co-payments (currently $3.00) if they request medical, non-emergency services. You may deliver money to inmates in one of two ways:

  1. Always put the name and booking number of the inmate on the front of the money order.

    You can mail a US Postal Money Order for deposit on an inmate's account. Always put the name and booking number of the inmate on the front of the money order. Cash or personal checks are not accepted via mail. If cash or personal checks are received at a jail facility, the envelope and its contents are marked "Return to Sender" and sent back.
  2. Money can be delivered to the facility where an inmate is currently housed. Cash or US Postal Money Orders for the exact amount are accepted at the facility. The facilities will not make change for you. Please refer to the table below for each facility:

Hours for Deposits at Jail Facilities




Special Instructions

Blythe Daily 8 am - 11 pm Use the phone in the lobby to contact the jail by dialing 02. A deputy will meet you in the lobby to collect the money. The money will be credited to the inmate's account within 12 hours of receipt.
Indio Mon-Fri 8 am - 9 pm Money is accepted in the jail lobby.
Presley Mon & Thu 6:30 am - 2 pm Money is accepted in the jail lobby.
  Tue 6:30 am - 4 pm
  Wed-Fri-Sat-Sun 6:30 am - 4 pm
6:30 pm - 4 am
Smith Daily 24 Hours Money deposits are accepted in the Visiting Center From 8 AM - 8:45 PM and in the jail lobby from 8:45 PM - 8 AM.
Southwest Daily 7 am - 4 pm
6:15 pm - 9 pm
Money is accepted in the jail lobby.

Unclaimed Inmate Money

Money that remains in an inmate's account after his/her release may be claimed at the Sheriff's Unclaimed Money website.


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Blythe: 760-921-5780
Indio: 760-863-8252
Presley: 951-955-4500
Smith: 951-922-7300
Southwest: 951-696-3050