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Secure Deposit FAQs

How do I use Access Corrections Deposit Services?

Inmate deposits can be added to a resident’s account via internet, telephone or lobby kiosk at the facility. To make an inmate deposit via internet, customers must register online and accept the Access Corrections Terms and Conditions. An inmate deposit cannot be completed unless a profile has been established and the Terms and Conditions have been accepted.

Why can't I make a deposit to an active inmate?

Sometimes, active inmates are restricted from certain types of services. This could be due to a request from the facility or it could be because they received deposits that were denied by the cardholder. In such a case, the inmate will no longer be able to receive credit card or walk-in deposits.

If this is the case, the inmate's full deposit privileges can be reinstated if a depositor repays the full amount of the denied transaction. This can be done by sending a Money Order, along with the inmate's name, inmate number, and agency to:

Access Corrections Account Re-Instatement Department
ATTN: Business Manager
P.O Box 12486
St. Louis, MO 63132

Can I place an order for the inmate using money I added to their account?

No. Orders placed using funds from an inmate's account must be paid with a facility check and mailed directly from the facility. The use of funds deposited to an inmate’s account is restricted to use specified by the facility.

Why can’t I add money online without establishing a profile?

By law, Access Corrections is required to collect certain information from each customer before a transaction can be processed. Please be sure your Access Corrections profile is updated with your most current information.

What types of payment does Access Corrections accept?

Acceptable payment methods for inmate deposits are credit and debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logos and a valid security code that are United States Issued. Please note that Access Corrections does not accept Government issued cards (i.e. Child Support Cards, EBT Cards, etc).

What is the security code?

The security code is the last three numbers on the back of your credit or debit card, typically located in the white strip where your signature is located.

Can I send cash?

Cash transactions for inmate deposits are only accepted at Access Secure Deposits lobby kiosk locations.

Kiosks will not accept coins or $1 bills. Kiosks will not make change for large bills.

Are the kiosks accessible to people with disabilities?


Are the kiosks bi-lingual (English/Spanish)?


Can I send money to more than one inmate?

Yes. You can add or delete inmates in your profile at anytime.

When will my credit card be debited?

Usually within three banking days. This does not delay the inmate's deposit.

When will the inmate receive the money?

Once the transaction is complete and you receive your receipt number, the inmate will receive the money in his or her account within 5-10 minutes.

Is there a fee to use the Access Secure Deposits service?

Access Corrections charges a service fee, per transaction, based on the amount of money added to a resident’s account. Some facilities impose an additional fee to add money to an inmate’s account.

Do I need to add the transaction fee to the amount I am sending?

No. You will be charged the payment amount plus the applicable transaction fee. You have the opportunity to view and approve the total amount you will be charged before Access Corrections actually charges your card.

How do I know if my transaction went through?

The receipt number indicates that the payment has been processed. The payment will be “pending” on your card account until the funds are deposited to the inmate’s account. The payment will appear as “sent” once the money has been deposited to the inmate’s account.

Why do I still have an authorization on my card if my payment failed?

When your transaction was processed, your card was authorized immediately for the amount of your deposit. Funds from unsuccessful payments are credited back to your card within three banking days.

Can I see pending or past payments?

Yes, all payments made using the online service will show a detailed transaction history.

Can I see a recipient’s inmate trust account history?

No, we do not have access to the facilitie's inmate trust account; we can only verify payment you have made to the inmate.

How much money can I deposit into an account?

The standard limit is $200 per day regardless of the deposit method.

When an inmate is released are unused funds returned to him/her?

Yes. Unclaimed funds will go into the Sheriff's Department Unclaimed Money fund and the inmate will need to file a claim to recover it.


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