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#2009-06926 (More Information)

Year Died or Found: 2009
Date Died or Found: 09-21
Age: Adult
Sex / Race: Female / Caucasian to include Hispanic
Online Documents: Sketch, Dental, Fingerprints
Unidentified ID: U09-218
Place Found / Died: Died at the El Cerrito Road off ramp of I-15 freeway, El Cerrito, CA.
Estimated Age: It is believed that this woman was between 40 and 50 years of age.
Hair / Eyes: Light to medium-brown, wavy hair and brown eyes.
Hair Length: Her hair was below her shoulders.
Height / Weight: 5’1” (61”) and 117 lbs
Location of Incident: The location of her injury is the same as her death, on the I-15 freeway, Riverside County.
Features or Distinquishing Marks: No scars, tattoos or disfigurements were noted to her body. She appeared unkempt with mismatched clothing and unwashed hair and nails.
Clothing: She was wearing light blue denim pants (Levi-style) size 12 with the pant legs rolled up, a gray T-shirt with no markings (size large), white and blue Avia sneakers (size 10) and white socks. She had no identification, purse, or personal items with her.
Circumstances: This woman was struck by multiple vehicles as she attempted to cross a freeway off ramp in the early morning hours. No one has inquired about her and her fingerprints were submitted for identification with negative results.
  Click for large format version of sketch.
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If you recognize this person, or have information about this case, please contact:

Riverside County Sheriff
Coroner's Office
800 S. Redlands Avenue - Perris, CA 92570


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