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#1998-4505 (More Information)

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Year Died or Found: 1998
Date Died or Found: 08-30
Age: Adult
Sex / Race: Male / Caucasian
Online Documents: Fingerprints
Unidentified ID: U98-049
Place Found / Died: He was found on a power line road 1/2 mile west of Cook Street, Palm Desert, CA
Date Found: August 30, 1998
Estimated Age: It is believed that he is between 30-40 years of age.
Hair / Eyes: Dark brown hair and blue eyes.
Hair Length: He wore his hair long, shoulder length.
Height / Weight: He was measured at 6' 2" (74") tall and weighed approximately 170 lbs.
Features or Distinquishing Marks: No scars, tattoos, or major disfigurements were noted to him. He had gaps or spaces between his upper teeth. Dental is available, however no restorations were noted.
Clothing: He was wearing black denim pants (waist size 32"), red socks, Addidas tennis shoes, a white long sleeve pull-over shirt, a black, pink, and white pull -over sweater, a long sleeve camouflage sweater, a brown and green sweater, and a long sleeve multi-colored sweater. He had no personal property or identification with him.
Estimated Time Since Death: Two to four days prior to being found.
Circumstances: He was found near a railroad line that traveled east and west through the United States. His fingerprints were submitted for comparison several times with no matches found. It is believed that he was a transient. He died a natural death.
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If you recognize this person, or have information about this case, please contact:

Riverside County Sheriff
Coroner's Office
800 S. Redlands Avenue - Perris, CA 92570


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