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#1980-44518 (More Information)

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Year Died or Found: 1981
Date Died or Found: 12-18
Age: Adult
Sex / Race: Male / Caucasian (to include Hispanic)
Online Documents: Dental, Fingerprints
Place of Death / Found: He was found on roadway of Avenue 50 between Polk and Tyler Street, in the city of Coachella, CA. It is unknown where death occurred.
Estimated Age: It is believed that this man was between 20 and 25 years old.
Estimated Time Since Death: One to two days prior to being found.
Hair / Eyes: He had light to medium brown hair and hazel eyes.
Hair Length: The hair was medium in length.
Features or distinguishing marks: He wore a reddish brown mustache and a thin reddish brown goatee. No scars, tattoos, or disfigurements were found.
Clothing: He had been wearing brown pants and an orange T-shirt with the inscription, "Indescribably delicious" printed on the front. He did not have shoes or socks when found. No jewelry or identification was found with him.
Circumstances: This man was shot multiple times and left in the roadway. Numerous attempts to identify him by his fingerprints and missing person listings have not been successful.
Other: #44518
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If you recognize this person, or have information about this case, please contact:

Riverside County Sheriff
Coroner's Office
800 S. Redlands Avenue - Perris, CA 92570


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