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CCW Safety Training & Qualifications

Each CCW license holder is mandated by California State Law to attend a Firearms Safety Class. Sheriff’s Departmental policy also requires that individuals qualify with their own weapon(s) under the direction of a qualified range master to ensure that each license holder is competent in the safe handling of firearms.Rangemaster

Safety Training Facilities

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department recognizes the following training facilities for your safety class and range qualification requirements. Training from any other facility will not be accepted.

Note:  All facilities are by appointment only

Clark Training Center 16791 Davis Avenue (951) 486-2856
Riverside, CA 92518 (951) 486-2816
Firearms Training Associates P.O. Box 554 (714) 701-9918
Yorba Linda, CA 92885-0554 (714) 777-9318 (Fax)
Street Safe Defense Firearms Training Program (Martinelli & Associates, Inc.) 27475 Ynez Road, Suite 716 (951) 719-1450
Temecula, CA 92591  
Johnnie B. Wood, LLC. Security Training 44901 Golf Center Pkwy, Ste. 6 (760) 342-5127
Indio, CA 92201 (760) 625-7778
American Firearms Training & Consulting LLC P.O. Box 893114 (951) 290-3116
Temecula, CA 92589-3114  

Qualification Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate the ability to safely operate each firearm listed on the license application, and know the function of the slide release, magazine release, and de-cocking lever (if so equipped), and/or the cylinder and extractor on revolvers. Applicants must demonstrate that they can safely handle their weapon(s), and also demonstrate awareness of muzzle direction.

Do not remove your firearm from the holster unless instructed to do so by the range master.
Do not bring a loaded firearm onto the range.

QualifyYou will be required to perform the following tests for each weapon you list on your license application

  • You will be instructed when to load your weapon.
  • You will be required to fire your weapon on the Sheriff’s designated range, and qualify with a passing score of 70% or better.
    • 15-yard line: Starting from the "low ready" position, empty a full magazine (or cylinder) at two targets. Reload and move forward (on command) to the 10 yard line.
    • 10-yard line: Starting from the "low ready" position, empty a full magazine (or cylinder) at two targets. Reload and move forward (on command) to the 7 yard line.
    • 7-yard line: Starting from the "low ready" position, empty a full magazine (or cylinder) at two targets, firing two shots to the body and one to the head of each target until all ammunition is expended.
  • All holsters will be inspected to ensure that they are safe and comply with department guidelines. Holsters MUST have a thumb snap of either metal, Velcro, or other acceptable method of retaining the weapon in the holster.
  • You will be required to use the firearm's standard sights during qualifications; using lasers or lighting systems during the qualification process will be prohibited.

Failure to bring all required equipment (firearms, ammo, belt and holsters)
or failure to pass weapons inspection, failure to qualify, or any unsafe range violation,
may result in the non-issuance of the CCW license.


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