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CCW Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time frame to establish residency in Riverside County in order to apply for a CCW license?

There is no particular time frame; however, you must be able to show proof of residency through utility bills, mortgage statements, etc., at the time you apply.

Post office boxes or mail stop addresses are not necessarily considered to be sufficient proof of residency. CCW Qualification

Do I have to fill out the same application to renew my permit?

Yes. You will also need to complete the Sheriff's Questionnaire and bring additional documentation to your renewal interview. Please see the Renewal Licenses instructions for details.

If I live in a city where law enforcement services are provided by another agency, do I need to provide a denial letter from that agency?


Do I need to take the safety course prior to setting up an interview?


Do I need to get fingerprinted before setting up an interview?

No. The Sheriff's CCW Unit will give you the paperwork to be fingerprinted. This ensures your fingerprints are routed back to the Sheriff's Department for our records.

How long does the process take on an initial application?

It can vary greatly. The volume of applications we receive can severely impact the processing time. Other factors that slow the process tend to be incomplete applications and lack of requested documents.

What are the reasons or “good cause” for being issued a permit?

This will vary from applicant to applicant. A California Sheriff has broad discretion as provided in Penal Code Section §26150(a) to issue a CCW to those qualified Riverside County citizens that demonstrate both "good cause" and "good moral character." These persons are entrusted to carry loaded, concealed firearms into our public places throughout California. Examples of such public places include our roadways, movie theaters, shopping centers and malls, grocery stores, and the like throughout California.

How many firearms can I have on the permit?

Six. You must successfully qualify with each of the firearms on the permit.

Does the firearm have to be registered to me?

It can be registered to you or your spouse and must also be registered in the state of California.

When should I start the process on a renewal?

You should start the process three months before your current permit expires.

Should I take any additional training besides the safety class?

It is entirely up to you. You are not required any additional training aside from the state mandated CCW safety course.

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