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Sheriff's Department Employees

ccwIn addition to completing the steps for a new or renewal license, Sheriff's Department employees are required to complete the following steps:

  • Obtain signed approval from their immediate supervisor. 
  • Follow the Sheriff's Department General Orders regarding use of force.
  • Not carry a weapon during their on-duty hours.
  • Only apply for a CCW license for weapons that appear on the Sheriff's list of acceptable weapons.
  • Use only department-approved ammunition in the approved weapon.

What You Will Need to Do

  1. Complete the Sheriff's Questionnaire PDF. Type or print in black ink only. If the application is not legible, it will be returned.
  2. Complete the California DOJ Application PDF.
    • Be sure to complete Section 7 – Investigator’s Interview Notes section before you arrive for your interview. This is where you will state your good cause for obtaining the license.
    • Sign all areas marked "applicant".
    • Do not sign areas marked "witness".
  3. Contact the Sheriff's CCW Unit at (951) 486-2816 to schedule an appointment for an in-person interview. The interview will determine your continued need and good cause for the CCW license.
    Sheriff's CCW Unit


    Email or Call for Appointment:



  1. You must bring the following to your interview:
    • Completed Sheriff's Questionnaire.
    • Completed DOJ license application.
    • Copy of your California driver’s license.
    • Copy of your birth certificate and/or naturalization papers.
    • Copy of military discharge DD214 form, if applicable.
    • Copies of two of your most recent utility bills or any other sufficient proof of full-time residency within the county of Riverside.
    • Two recent passport photos.
    • Money Order or Cashier’s Check for administrative fees.
  2. If you are applying for a CCW license for self-protection, the protection of others, or for the protection of large sums of money or valuable property, you are required to explain and provide good cause. For example, has your life or property been threatened or jeopardized? Explain incidents and include dates, times, locations, and names of police agencies to which these incidents were reported. You must also bring copies of current police reports and/or other documentation supporting need; such as restraining orders or other verifiable written statements.
  3. If you are successful with your initial interview, you will be instructed to:
    • Get fingerprinted - you will be given paperwork from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to proceed with fingerprinting.
    • Complete the state-mandated firearms safety course.
    • Qualify with each of the weapon(s) you have listed on your application. Note: License applicants are limited to 6 firearms per CCW license.


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